Write it All Down

Write it All Down


Self care doesn’t have to be complex.

Really, it isn’t ever meant to be.

That would be counterintuitive.

What’s the point in self care strategies if they aren’t accessible in the moment?

That’s like a pain medication with an impossible to open blister pack or pill bottle.

Not. Helpful.

So find self care options you can do on the spot. That are easy. Simple. Accessible.

Find self care options that you know you can and will do. Self care shouldn’t require any special skill or extra work.

Today’s #SelfCareWithAdrian is all about simplicity and intention.

Responding Simply with Writing

Have you been having a bad week? A rough day?

Is something bothering you deep down and won’t leave you alone?

Are you trying to process something but haven’t figured out how?

Do you want to find clarity in a project, idea, or another situation in your life?

Just write it out.

Let it be messy. Let it flow out of you.

I’m not talking about professional writing, prose, or even creative writing.

Just take a writing utensil of your choice and let it out.

Be honest in your words. Don’t make yourself hold back. No one has to look at the paper but you. Your words are already inside of you, you’re just letting them out in paper.

It’s okay if this sounds scary. It should. Because it requires vulnerability.

Free Writing as a Strategy

In college, I was introduced to the practice of writing nonstop (free writing) for a designated amount of time. Perhaps you could set a timer and write for however long you pick. Just don’t stop to take a break until the timer goes off.

Maybe you might even do this every morning (or evening) for five minutes as a way to prepare for your day (or process the day you just had).

You could even use this strategy before or after a big event, such as a presentation, work meeting, or celebration.

Be creative!

Do whatever works best for you.

You might be surprised at what you end up writing if you use this technique.

Regardless of how you choose to write, see how you feel at the end of your writing session. That’s the point of it all, anyways.

Do you feel like a weight has been lifted? Did you find clarity in what has been bothering you? Did you learn something new about your situation?

I hope so.

The best part? You can use this self care strategy at work, at school, at home, in an airplane, or at the grocery store. It can be done for free and with few skills necessary.

Use it and use it well

For My Writer Friends

Here’s a bonus! 

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