Kicking Off #SelfCareWithAdrian

Kicking Off #SelfCareWithAdrian

Every day is self care day!

But Saturday will be a dedicated time to explore what self care is, why it’s so important, and ways to practice self care.

So…let’s kick off #selfcarewithadrian here at Real Life Social Worker!

What is Self Care?

…anything and everything that promotes your individual mental, physical, emotional, financial, spiritual, or relational health.

You may have heard the phrase “self care isn’t selfish.”

I couldn’t agree more.

Self care is necessary for every human. For our health. For our wellness. For our peace of mind.

Self care looks different for everyone.

In reality, self care for one individual is just as unique as that person. We can get great ideas for self care from others, but we should never feel bad about practicing something “different” than what is typically considered self care.

It’s easy to limit self care as “bubble baths,” “mani pedis,” or “treating yourself.” Those types of activities can definitely be self care. (Tom Haverford and Donna Meagle do it best, am I right??)

But self care is so, so much more.

Self care is keeping a clean house. It’s eating well. It’s getting rid of the junky, damaging stuff in your life. It’s talking to your friends. It’s trimming your nails (please). It’s learning about your body- what it needs. It’s making changes. And sometimes, it’s staying the same.

If it benefits your health, it’s self care.

And if it’s self care, it’s worth doing.

Today’s #selfcarewithadrian idea:

Enjoy a slow morning. Take your time waking up. Pay attention to the sounds outside (is it raining there, too?). The birds singing outside. Maybe some cars driving by. Crickets, perhaps. Enjoy a warm beverage of your choice. Read something. Watch the sunrise. Feel the morning dew on your toes. Eat breakfast outside. Or maybe feel the sun shine through your window. Maybe take a nap by the window. Do these things before even considering the rest of your day. And when you do consider your day, set an expectation. What will your day look like? Powerful? Productive? Peaceful? See how that makes you feel. Breathe.

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