Self Care for Headaches

Self Care for Headaches

Headaches, Headaches, Headaches

Sometimes, my head just hurts. Literally. And when it does, my thinking is impaired, I sometimes get nauseous, and I just want to go to sleep. Headaches are miserable. But there are ways to show care to our bodies when we get them.

Who here also suffers from headaches??

Note: I’m talking about tension headaches today because migraines and cluster headaches have, in my opinion, completely different causes and treatments.

Common Causes of Headaches

Some headaches have pretty obvious causes, but others just show up out of nowhere.

  • Hitting your head
  • Dehydration (also includes: hangovers)
  • Sinus issues, colds, infections
  • Sleep Issues
  • Weather Changes
  • Stress
  • A reaction to food, smells, or other environmental factors

**Note: I’m not a doctor, so please remember that you should always reach out to a professional for any headache/other physical concerns.**

How to Care for Headaches

I recently reach out to Instagram and asked about everyone’s favorite headache tips. As you read this list, know that this is coming straight from every day people who get headaches. How cool is that? I love community!

  • Essential Oils: I’m putting this right at the top because it was the most popular answer given to me. I could very easily make many, many posts just on essential oils. But for the purpose of today’s post, consider using quality essential oils. These are more likely to be better for the environment and your body and are more likely to be effective. Also: the two most popular headache-related essential oils from Instagram were lavender and peppermint. Some also referenced a blend of oils specifically made for headaches. Also note that many of the responses suggested using oils along with other ways to treat the headache (like some of the below ideas).
  • Warm Washcloth: This one is pretty easy. Get a warm (or cool) washcloth and put it on your neck or face. Alternatively, I love using a warm rice sock and putting it over my shoulders.
  • Sleep!: This normally seems like an instinctive way to treat headaches (especially the really bad ones). Sleep helps our bodies rest and repair, many times resulting in waking up headache free (or at least feeling a lot better).
  • Medications: There’s nothing wrong with resorting to taking medications for your headache. Just remember that sometimes when a person takes pain meds for an extended period of time, the body might get a headache as a result. If you’ve been struggling with an ongoing headache for a really long time, it might be a good idea to talk to a medical professional.
  • Shower: Showers can be a wonderful way to help relieve a headache. Warm water hitting your body can relax your muscles, relieving tension and hopefully some of that headache. Bonus: if your headache is related to congestion, showering might help clear some of that as well! Showers are also great places to use aromatherapy. My favorite shower smell comes from hanging eucalyptus from the shower head.
  • Eat: As with many of these ideas, treating the cause of the headache may be the best avenue to take. Take note of your activities over the past several hours/days. How has your eating been? Have you been lacking in carbs, proteins, or any other macro nutrient? How has your eating been in comparison to your activity levels? Your body might just be telling you to eat more.
  • Slow Down: If stress is the cause of your headache, slowing down is probably a really good idea. But even if stress doesn’t seem to be a primary culprit, slowing down may still help!
  • Cool Off: Another popular suggestion from Instagram! You can cool off with a fan, a cool wash cloth, a cool shower, or maybe even some ice water. Ultimately, you should find the temperature that makes you feel best. For some of you, that will be cooler temperatures. For others, warmer temperatures may make you feel better. Listen to your body on this one!

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